Let Your Stress Go - CD
Susan Gayle

New Behavior Institute (2005)
Reviewed by Michelle Cox-Lomas Ph.D for Reader Views (5/06)

How would you like to learn to easily get rid of the stress in your life and all of that heavy negative baggage that you have been carrying around? Now you can! Susan Gayle has put together a wonderfully comforting hypnosis CD that will take you on a journey out of the anxiety, depression, and all of that stress that you have been holding onto and into the easy-going and care-free life that you really desire!

On this remarkable CD, you will learn how to get rid of stress once and for all!

The techniques that Susan teach can be accessed at anytime in your future when you start to feel overwhelmed. Allowing you to take a moment to gather together your positive thoughts and reclaim your natural calm and creative nature. Then, you will be able to make the right decisions in your life without feeling pushed to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

We all have stress in our life. Some people handle it better than others, but, stress can ruin your mind (causing emotional discomfort and diseases such as depression and anxiety), body (causing a breakdown in your immune system from being over whelmed) and in your spirit (because after having too many stressful situations around you for too long, you will feel like you just want to give up on everything that you have no creative spiritual control over anything.) OK, it's time to learn to take back your life and live happily and positively once again! YOU CAN DO IT!

From the very first moment that you hear Susan's voice, you will begin to relax. As she guides you through a very comforting and healing hypnosis session, you will begin to feel just how much negative baggage and stress you have been carrying around. She helps you to release this negative energy into a pool of bright crystal clear water where it is transformed into positive energy never to return back into your life again.

I totally enjoyed all that I have experienced and learned through this great CD. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get more creative control back into your life. We live in times of very highly stressful situations, but, even under these conditions, you can bring the "ease" back into your life. All you have to do is listen to the sound of her voice and allow yourself to relax and release the tensions and stress from your mind, body, and spirit. It's so easy to do, much easier than you may think, thanks to Susan Gayle!

Get yourself a copy of this healing CD, kick off your shoes, sit back, relax and get ready for a healing experience of your lifetime!

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Removing Limiting Beliefs - Meditation CD
Susan Gayle

New Behavior Institute (2003)
Reviewed by Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D. for Reader Views (5/06)

No one deserves to feel limitations that take away from your ability to bring into your life all that you desire. You were born a beautiful creative soul that has the ability to move through life with ease, grace, and limitless potential. Our problems start when we come to bumps in the road. Situations that happen in our lives and make us feel unworthy, unloved, disrespected, unappreciated, and just plain stuck in the muck of life. What is a person to do then? How are we to relieve ourselves of this limiting pressure? How can we truly learn to forgive ourselves and those that were involved in our limiting experience? And, most of all, how can we regain our lost sense of ease, grace, and limitless potential?

Fret no longer! There is hope! Susan Gayle has created the most relaxing and hypnotic CD, "Removing Limiting Beliefs" just for you! No matter what you have gone through that is holding you back from really living the fulfilling life that you really want, this important and very healing CD will set you on your way to releasing these experiences and the negative beliefs about yourself and your life that they have caused.

"Removing Limiting Beliefs" is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable CD that will truly help you overcome any situation that you have been through in your life. Aren't you just plain tired of carrying around all of that negative emotional baggage from your past? I know that I was! From the very first time that I participated with Susan and listened to what her CD was all about, I felt a heavy burdened being released off of my energy field. I felt lighter, more at ease, and creatively inspired! I knew that it was my choice how I want to positively use my emotions and I learned that I can release any negative emotions any time I choose.

Every time you go through a situation that feels traumatic to your heart, you create a belief system in your subconscious. If someone told you that you are not worthy, unable to do something, or caused you to feel abused in some way, you automatically picked up in your subconscious a belief that some how they were right. Let go of the beliefs that have been holding you back from truly being the wonderful person you really are! You deserve to be set free!

Put your energy-in-motion, emotions, back on the right track to living a more positive and productive life. Get yourself a copy of this vibrationally healing and highly inspiring CD today! I highly recommend it! Thank you Susan Gayle for creating this vibrationally healing CD. You are truly helping the world to heal one person at a time. Namaste'

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Learn To Be Stress-Free
By Susan Gayle

New Behavior Institute (2004)
Reviewed by Erika K. Oliver for Reader Views (4/06)

I'm thinking about how much work I have to do today. including listening to this CD to "learn to be stress free." Yesterday, I put the CD in the player and was immediately interrupted by the telephone ringing and kids coming and going. Thirty minutes seems like a long time to just listen. I'm skeptical, yet hopeful for the possibility of getting a chance to relax.

Initially, Susan Gayle's voice reminds me of Barbara Streisand. As she instructs me to get comfortable, I maintain my mind chatter, wondering if Gayle is as calm as she sounds and thinking that is impossible. Suddenly, I realize that I am relaxing. I appreciate her voice and I appreciate that she's not asking much from me. Following her instructions, my mind chatter diminishes and thirty minutes is over much too quickly.

I recommend this CD to everyone for a 30-minute break. Over time, listening to "Learn To Be Stress-Free" will help the listener maintain a relaxed state throughout the day. There is no introduction to detract from the experience, the author just immediately starts with the meditation, leaving one feeling relaxed and happy that you sat back, took the time, and listened. One word of advice, do heed the label warning to not listen while driving or operating machinery. Reader Views

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Replacing Addictive Behavior with Positive Behavior
By Susan Gayle

New Behavior Institute (2003)
Reviewed by Kelli Glesige for Reader Views (4/06)

"Replacing Addictive Behavior with Positive Behavior" is an audio session NOT meant to be listened to while driving your motor vehicle, or while operating machinery. This is a hypnosis session in which Susan Gayle prepares her audience by taking them through a process meant to totally relax and to put us in a state of utmost concentration. It is at this point of relaxation when Susan guides us in her course of action to replace addictive behavior with positive behavior.

To achieve benefits from listening to Susan's CD, make sure you have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. "Replacing Addictive Behavior with Positive Behavior" is meant to be listened to in its entirety. Listening for a few minutes now and a few minutes later will not be effective. Moving into a state of relaxation will take some time, and it is at that time when healing is most likely. Susan helps us to change by giving us three courses of action to replace our addictive behavior. She then walks us through each choice, looking at the positive benefits we may achieve. At this completion, Susan brings us back down from our state of concentration.

This CD might be helpful for anyone truly wanting to change an addictive behavior. If you are OPEN to change, then this could help you.  The audio is very relaxing and calming. It could even be helpful to aid in reaching a relaxed state after a hard or difficult day. Susan's voice is calm, nurturing and reassuring to her listeners. Her CD could very well help one who is intent on changing an addictive behavior! I suggest giving it a try!

Reader Views

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