Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Are You Ready?

Getting motivated by yourself to lose weight can be hard, especially if you've tried to lose weight before and have struggled or regained the weight. When you make the decision to lose weight, you are making the decision with only 10% of your mind - your conscious mind, or ego.The other 90% of your mind - your subconscious - hasn't gotten with the program yet. You see, your subconscious stores everything, then acts out according to its stored data. And habits are stored data that we've put there by repeated action.

Look at it this way. Let's imagine that every day you eat a cookie at 4:00 p.m. Then one day you decide to lose weight, and you figure that in order to do that, you must cut out your 4:00 p.m. cookie. Great! But you've decided that with your conscious mind only. So, comes 4:00 p.m., your subconscious asks, "Where's my cookie?" You see, it hasn't been notified that you're not going to do that anymore, and it's programmed to want a cookie at 4:00 in the afternoon! You feel the urge, the craving, but you resist...and tell yourself, "No, I want to lose weight and that means resisting taking a cookie." And your subconscious says, "Great! But where's my cookie?"...and the battle is on. That's the way it works when you attempt to lose weight using willpower.

With Hypnosis, you work with 100% of your mind! Think of how easy change can be when you're utilizing the power of 100% of your mind! Now, comes 4:00 p.m., your subconscious craves a glass of water (or whatever you've decided will work best for you) and the cookie is nowhere to be felt.

Easy, right?

Getting Inspired

There are different stages that people are in when they approach wanting to lose weight, and Hypnosis can help move you into the final stage of being ready and motivated to lose that weight.

Do you feel the the costs of making a change outweight the benefits of weight loss? What if you consider that being overweight can cause serious health problems? Studies have shown that losing weight by eating right and exercising can hel prevent or delay these health problems.

Your weight affects your lifestyle as well as your health. Ask yourself how being overweight has affected your life. Does being overweight prevent you from doing things that you want to do or could do if you lost weight? Does being overweight prevent you from feeling as confident as you would like? Losing weight will help you look and feel better, healthier and more attractive. Your confidence will soar! And you will have more energy to do the things you enjoy.

Besides all of these health benefits, think of your lifestyle and your family. Do you have children or grandchildren? Are there things you would like to do if you had more energy, felt better about yourself, or were more fit? Do you want your children to be overweight? The probability is higher for people who's parents were overweight. Do you want to be there to see them grow and share their lives with them? Sometimes we get motivated from other things and people!

Hypnosis can help you find your motivation and stay on track!


Your weight-loss goals need to be specific and attainable. This means that they outline exactly what you intend to do and that they are within your reach. For example, a goal of "walk more" is a good idea, but it is not specific. A goal of "run 10 miles a day" is specific, but may not be attainable or advisable. A goal of "walk 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week" is not only specific, but also attainable. We can teach you about setting your goals so that you are successful.
Be More Active

Being active is part of living a healthy lifestyle. It offers up many health benefits. People of all ages can become more active in a healthy way - and lose weight.

Here are 10 benefits to being more active:

1. Improve your body's ability to use glucose.
2. Lower Blood Pressure. Activity helps your heart pump stronger and slower and strengthens it.
3. Improve blood fats. Exercise can raise good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad c holesterol (LDL) and triglyerides. These changes are heart healthy.
4. Activity can lower blood glucose and weight. If you have diabetes, you may be able to lower how much medicine you have to take.
5. Lose Weight and keep it off! Activity burns calories. Stay active and you'll lose weight faster, be able to eat better and keep the weight off.
6. Lower your risk for other health problems. Reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke, some cancers and bone loss.
7. Gain more energy and sleep better. You'll get better sleep in less time and have more energy, too.
8. Relieve Stress. Work out or walk off daily stress.
9. Build stronger bones and muscles. Weight-bearing activities, such as walking, makes bones stronger. Strength-training activities, such as lifting light weights (or even cans of beans), make muscles strong.
10. Be more flexible. Move easier when you are active.

Eat Healthier

You are probably busy from morning till night. When it's time to eat, do you make a fast food pit stop or grab a less-than healthy snack from a vending machine or convenience store? Research shows that this eating style leaves you light on the healthy foods - fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein - and heavy on fats, sugar and salt.

If you spend time planning ahead, shop regularly and be ready to make healthy meals and snacks, you'll set yourself up to eat healthier. And you'll lose a few pounds. You 'll also be saving time and money. So make eating healthy happen in your life with these tips:

- Set aside a few minutes each week to think about the meals you'll make next week. Which foods do you need from the store to make these meals?
- Keep a good stock of the basics on hand: vinegars, mustards, lemon/lime, cans of tuna or salmon, broth, raw vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumbers.
- Buy and keep mostly healthy foods. If you only have healthy foods in your house, then that's what you'll eat.
- If you must eat not-so-healthy foods sometimes, buy them in single-portion packages. That way you'll limit how much you eat.

Feel Good about Yourself

Feeling good about yourself and your weight loss is a good way to keep it permanently off. Treat yourself well. Focus on all of the positives now in your life, your health, your relationships. Are you ready, willing and able to make the changes now to a slimmer, healthier, happier you? To like yourself more and give yourself the gift of feeling great? Hypnosis can help you answer YES. For people to change, making the change must be important to them. You must have good reasons to change. You must have more reasons to change than reasons to not change. And you must be confident - know that you CAN change. Focus on the positives. I can help.

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